The Beauty of Himba Tribe Woman

The Iconic Beauty of Himba Tribe Woman Himba tribal community reside in northern Namibia in Kunene region and constitute approximately a population of about 50 thousand people. Men and women normally cover themselves with a cosmetic mixture called otjize which cast a reddish look to their body and wear loin cloth or goat skinned mini-skirt. […]

How to Get Rid of Facial Hair

How to Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally and Permanently  at Home When you look around, be it in your neighborhood, locality, bus stand, market or community centers, you are likely to notice, the evidence of facial hairs in women folks. Increasing numbers of women are found struggling with undesired hair on their face, more particularly in upper […]

How to Have Glowing Skin

5 Natural Beauty Tips to Get Clear Glowing Skin She washed her face day and night to have a clear skin. Where was she wrong ? Lol !!! Are you happy with your Skin tone ? How does it look ? Do you find natural glow on it ? Is it nourished enough ? Do […]

Beautiful Ethiopian Women Fashion

Tribal Fashion Signature of Beautiful Ethiopian Women If you are not charmed by the mysteries of Ethiopia on this planet and mystifying appearance of the Ethiopian Women, indeed you are missing something  at your sacrosanct soul. If you have ever thought of Divine Beauty, Chaste Morality and Natural Disposition, I can say for sure that […]

Preity Zinta Marriage

Buzz of the Bollywood: Preity Zinta Marriage Going through the corridors of Bollywood, one may soon listen to whisper that Preity Zinta is very soon going to marry Gene. Preity Zinta Marriage has suddenly acquired the status of Talk of the Bollywood. Close friends of Preity confide that it will be a very private affair […]

Traditional Dress of Gujarat

Traditional Dress of Gujarat Getting Contemporary Twist In the world of fashion there is a saying that Old is always Gold. The derivation seems to be extracted from the virtues that contemporary looks in the world of fashion is often infused from the olden styles. The axiom hold true for Gujarat at least in the […]

Big Boss 9 Finale

Big Boss 9 : All Contestants Unsafe Big Boss 9 is celebrating its last lap with its six contestants. Big Boss 9 which started on 11th October with 14 contestants in house, is slowly inching towards putting its curtain down.  The date for the Big Boss 9 Grand Finale has not  yet been announced.  Will […]