Live in Color

Too Many Colors May Dictate Unique Aroma So Live in Color

They may frown upon you, They may throw a lusty Look though, Ultimately, YeaHHH, Purposefully they will be engrossed In.

That is the Power of Colors. That is the virtuousness to Live in Color. You start Loving them, But May be SLOWLYyyy…..

Live in Color
Have you heard about Shock Therapy. It involves drawing your attention. Your attention is drawn and you are dictated to validate. Validate Colors in Your Leggings, Yeppp, in your Silhoutte Trapezes, your Jackets and even Boots. Practice the virtue to  live in color.

Try Bigger Ear-rings, Big Boots, Big  Watches and Smaller sling Bags when Cordoned around with Multi Colors. Live in Color and you will bring more fragrances and it will teach you to live the life it its fullness.