Big Boss 9 Finale

Big Boss 9 : All Contestants Unsafe

Big Boss 9 is celebrating its last lap with its six contestants. Big Boss 9 which started on 11th October with 14 contestants in house, is slowly inching towards putting its curtain down.  The date for the Big Boss 9 Grand Finale has not  yet been announced.  Will it be on coming Sunday i.e 24 Jan 16 ? Rumors are ripe that Big Boss 9 Grand Finale has been planned to schedule on 26th January OR 30th January. Whatever and however, let us wait and watch for the final date.

Big Boss 9 Finale

In between the proposed finale dates, there there remains only one or two Sundays. Out of six contestants i.e. Prince Narula, Keith Sequeira, Rochelle Maria Rao, Mandana Karimi, Rishabh Sinha and Priya Malik, Prince Narula has already won ticket to the Finale Task. So he is out of danger. But out of rest five two are needed to be evicted on or before coming Sunday. Show anchor Salman Khan has already declared all contestants except Prince as unsafe. This paves the way for elimination of two contestant. May be one will be eliminated on coming Sunday i.e 24 Jan 16 and the other one will survive for few days more.
On Monday episode, Salman Khan has castigated heavily on Mandana who appears to be NOT considering Priya and Rishab, as her equals. Salman has added that these entries were fully valid for the finale and they have entered as wild cards only because the original casts had failed entertaining public in their performance shows.
Let us wait and watch who two contestants are biding bye to the show in next few days and who two are the finale contestant.

My bid for  Big Boss 9 Double Trouble Grand Finale WINNER of this season is Prince Narula. Who is yours ?

Wishing All the Best to all the Big Boss 9 Contestants for their victory.